Low flat rate selling charge
All we charge is 9 cents per kilogram 
  • No bulk class charges
  • No interlotting charges
  • No overweight bale charges
  • No insurance costs
  • No Storage costs
Your wool is also covered by our insurance from sheep's back to store on committing your wool to Scanlan's 
You can also hold your wool here indefinitely for no storage costs. 
We offer to the trade from our onsite show floor each Wednesday where all prices are submitted to you to make you decision whether to sell or not. 
We can accept all types of trucks and your wool is test immediately upon arrival, where certified AWTA test results are available the following day.
We can also offer you a price on untested wool for immediate payment.
Price on Farm

Price on farm calculated on these results for a Fleece/Pieces/Bellies average basis using previous year's results.

Forward Clip Contract

Scanlan Wools Pty. Ltd. are are a member of the PRIVATE TREATY WOOL MERCHANTS OF AUSTRALIA INC and operate under their terms and conditions.  See links below for contract and terms and conditions.




Simply based on previous years results +/- Micron - Yield - NKT for a Fleece/Pieces/Bellies price.

Direct to Mill

Speak to us about what our customers are currently looking for

Scanlan Wool have direct supply arrangement with world's biggest vertical mill - Sunshine Textile group.


Oddments/Small Lots

Competitive prices paid for small lots and oddments immediate payment.


Hobby Farmers

Simply wool is bought over the scales any type or quantity with payment made on the spot.


Exotic Wools

These are treated with care. Having capacity to market these prices are what they deserve are often disappointing due to lack of commercial quantities.

Direct Selling to India and China can be arranged



OFFICE / Woolstore


Phone: +61893379891

Fax: +61893142439


4 Chamberlain Street, O’Connor, WA 6163